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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  December 19, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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hitting a high of 51 degrees. a couple of clouds trying to develop at northern virginia. the winds when they come off the ridge stops here, a few right angles. 25 in charlotte still, 27 williams port. a lot of areas below freezing, as far as this afternoon a milder day. 51 in town. perhaps 53 for many hours in the shenandoah valley. monica is stepping in now -- monika is stepping in now. >> it is monday. generally speaking things haven't been too bad around town. route 85 down to route 10 montrose the overnight construction was cleared up. things are looking fine down to where the lanes divide.
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if you are planning to head outside, here's what it looks like over 270. looks like a pedestrian may have been struck on cherry hill road at california's voyagerton boulevard. so keep than in mind. in the meantime over to route 4, pennsylvania avenue and the beltway. back over to our graphics right now, just to show you that all the trains are running on time. metro mark and br e. our next report will go into virginia. a funeral for kim jong il will be held december 28th. he died on a train saturday at the age of 6. it is believed he had diabetes and heart disease and suffered a stroke back in 2008. however's appeared relatively healthy in a video. the white house remains in close touch with south korea, which
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has since put its military on high alert. the court marshall for bradley manning resumes in fort mead. the charges could put the 24-year-old in prison for the rest of his life. surae chinn joins us. good morning sue rae. >> the white house all along has said these leaks have posed a threat and caused strain. the defense agrees. the hearing went through the weekend and there was damaging testimony yesterday when an army investigator said there was a link between wikileaks and manning. the witness described how manning used his position and pretended to be listening to
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lady gaga but instead was downloading secret information. he faces 22 charges accused of downloading hundreds of thousands of pages of classified documents from the state and defense department and his handing them over to wikileaks. it is founder is fighting extradition on sexual assault charges it sweden. and also his attorneys are asking for two seats in the courtroom. in manning's case. we haven't heard exactly if they have grand those two seats but the case has definitely garnered international attention. we expect more protests will continue as well this morning. of course the proceedings will go on and we are expected to see some closed sessions as
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well. police are asking for your help identifying a man struck and killed in rockville. the victim is a hispanic man between the ages of 35-50 years old. he was struck by a car and stumbled into the second lane from the median area and was struck again by a dark colored sufficient u. the driver of the car stopped, but the driver of the suv kept going. no charges have been filed against the driver of the car. police are searching for the driver of the sufficient u. if you witnessed the crash you are asked to call police. on friday a judge turned down a request by government prosecutors for oscar ortega hernandez to undergo further mental evaluations. in court the government is p expected to introduce evidence hernandez fired a rifle at the white house and hit the window
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back in november. no one was hurt. the payroll tax cut and jobless benefits extension that won approval in the senate appears headed to trouble in the house. house speaker john boehner says it is just kicking the can down the road and he says negotiators need to write a new measure that would last an entire year. house republicans agree. we passed a one year extension. unemployment insurance with reforms, making sure that those doctors who treat medicare patients are not going to see their reimbursements cut. boehner agrees with the president that congress should reach a long-term agreement on the payroll tax before christmas break but emphasize it had must be an agreement that works for
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both sides of congress. the time right now is 6:05. i'm jessica doyle and i'm helping you get hired. we have details about a really good job that is open right now. bridget good morning to you. first off what is the job that is available? >> right now we are hiring for a senior software engineer. >> what does that person do? >> some basic qualifications. at least five years experience and be proficient in dot net development. above all we are looking for someone who is creative and passionate and coming to pus with all these -- to us with all these ideas. >> the person kind of makes the site run. tell us about that. >> exactly. they come into work and they are writing the programs that
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actually use the match technology. people are matched to jobs, so you are a part of that whole process in building the site. for someone at home, how can they apply to this job? >> you can actually just go job and create a profile fyour skills match up, you can apply to that -- for that position. how is the job market? >> locally it is get. especially this period from january to march is when companies are doing a lot of hiring. that is optimistic. thanks so much for coming in this morning. andrea and mike? jessica, thank you. our time right now is 6:07. how about those skins? >> they looked like a totally different team yesterday. there are some issues but it was a good day. coming up later in sports,
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we'll have highlights. >> the historic u.s. troop withdrawal. now they are focusing on their next mission reunited with their families. i am colonel mark delong. i would like to wish my father, family and friends in virginia a very special merry christmas and happy new year. i miss you all and look forward to seeing you soon.
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welcome back. 6:10 on this frosty morning. 51 with the drive home temperature. 49 with a slight wind chill. showers the in the week's fda monika is here with a look at traffic. >> reporter: northbound i-95 an accident sitting on the right shoulder causing delays from dale city past the accident city and then to spring field. more on virginia roadways coming up in my next report. for the first time in nearly nine years there are no u.s. combat troops in iraq. the last of the fighting forces left early sunday morning and crossed into cue way. drew levenson reports on the war and the homecoming of u.s.
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soldiers. just as the sun was raising sunday the last of the soldiers crossed into kuwait. >> i'm grateful we made it here with no major complications. >> for the final 500 it was hard to contain their joy. the nine year military operation was over. >> what is going down in history will be that we left on our own accord. >> using the cover of darkness to slip out the heavily armored vehicles drove 160 miles in five hours across the iraqi desert. the iraq war took both a human and financial toll. nearly 4500 americans and more than 100,000 iraqis died t cost the u.s. $800,000. soldiers started fork cussing
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on their next mission, reuniting with their families. >> it is going to be amazing. >> the journey for tristan mcdone that and most of the others begins this we can. they will join soldiers already back in the states. enjoying homecomings in time for the holidays. is that a few thousand troops will spend the next few months in kuwait and will be available just in case of an emergency. for holiday shoppers, if you are giving gift cards this season there is a warning about a scam that might make those cards worthless. thieves are tracking the gift card numbers from large retail displays and once a gift card is activated they go shopping and use up the balance before the cardholder has a chance to use it. some thieves are replacing the
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gift ward with a counterfeit one. christmas is a week away. we want to make sure that shoppers have the best holiday possible and that people are not ripped off. some stores, if you say it's been ripped off and you can show it might give you back the value of the gift card. some stores will not. >> the experts say you should buy gift cards only from a sales clerk at the counter or the company's other secure, online website. avoid buying them from a retail rack display, which i just did yesterday. or an online auction type. inspect the card to make sure the security number and the pin on the back is on the car and not exposed. always keep your res seats? if you haven't already mailed
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christmas packages, time is running out. today is deadline for sending express mail packages to u.s. military bases. tuesday is the last day to mail priority mail packages and first class letters and cards to ensure arrival by christmas. you can mail domestic express mail until december 22nd so that they will arrive by christmas. we are featuring your holiday displays. check this one out from virginia. we are just getting here but we think millions of lights. the house is lit up, along with the trees. big santa, brandon and gabby lester say this doesn't even do their display justice, you just have to see it in person.
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there is time to get your christmas or hannukah displays, post it to our facebook page. be sure to include your name and where you live. good morning, might be the first for you. if you are just getting up, let me tell you, it is a cold, frosty morning out there. mike, you did it earlier. scraping the windshield with temperatures down in the 20s. 20s and 30s. 25 miles per hour or less. 7:22 setting at 44:00 this afternoon. increasing clouds this afternoon, mid-40s by noon.
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breezy south southwest winds 12 miles per hour. we'll call it 10 to 15 miles per hour range. i think tonight, late tonight, a couple of showers will be possible. 24 in great falls. 26 in centerville, in montgomery county, upper 20s, laurel down to 22. columbia 25. andrews air force base, got to say hi to scott, he watches us every morning. thanks for what you do. the really cold is up in northern maine. more cold in the rockies going into new mexico. this cold, this is going to meet with a storm system coming out of the southwest and this means business. we are talking about blizzard conditions developing from new
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mexico, west texas, kansas, a tremendous storm for them. this is ayla nina winner so that storm is going to track off to the north and west of us. more immediately a front up to our north and west that is going to slide through. showers into ohio and northwestern pennsylvania. this front gets closer to us tonight. now tomorrow, overnight tonight and tuesday with the front in the neighborhood, there will be a few showers and maybe a hint of snow. north of pittsburgh between cleveland and columbus, let's say, we go into the day tomorrow at noon. afternoon hours evening hours, mostly cloudy skies. quieter. as we head into wednesday, here comes the system coming out of the southwest. that moves toward us. we are going to turn wet wednesday and rather mild. temperatures could push the
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60-degree mark in many areas. 51 today. 4 to 50 tomorrow. won't be as mild. wednesday a very mild day, wet as well. temperatures in the upper 50s. probably breezy too. friday another chance of rain in the morning. if it works out, it really could end in a little bit of wet snow. but we'll watch that because it is so early. monika? when you make a forecast based on what you want as opposed to science, that is wish casting. we are going to hear from sky 9, a two car accident and pedestrian struck. montgomery county police are on the scene investigating what happened here. there is no word on the severity of injuries with the pedestrian. we'll keep you posted. in the meantime southboundical
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voyagerton boulevard is blocked to cherry hill road. west of i-95. you have the latest beginning here heading over to georgia avenue. we'll take a live look as well planning to head on the northbound side of i-95. the accident sitting here on the right shoulder. delays in dale city over to the 14th street bridge. the next report will update you on the accident at california's voyager tonight at 6:25. it is 6:20. we want to take another look at our question of the day. a number of us will gain at least eight pounds this holiday season by doing one of these things. drinking more alcohol, stressing out or taste testing while
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cooking. >> i'm gaining 16 pounds, i'm in trouble. we'll reveal the survey answer in about a ho half hour. stay with us. yeah, i'm married. does it matter?
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you'd do that for me? really? yeah, i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm at three in the morning. who is this? it's jake from state farm. what are you wearing, jake from state farm?
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[ jake ] uh... khakis. she sounds hideous. well she's a guy, so... [ male announcer ] another reason more people stay with state farm. get to a better state. ♪ welcome back. 6:24 this monday morning. your weather first and it is a cold, frosty monday morning out there. with you well -- we'll have a decent day as temperatures are above average. our day planner we have sunshine this morning and we'll have mostly sunny skies midday with a few more clouds this afternoon. winds south to southwest 10 to 15 miles per hour and highs in the low 50s. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. i don't think many people saw this one coming. the redskins, they beat the giants in week one. but getting a sweep on the road seemed almost impossible. but the redskins found a way to
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get it done did and did it in a big way. rex grossman and the skins said they wanted to finish the season strong. greece man finds santana moss, skins up 2-3. london fletcher tips the eli manning pass. darrell young with his first season touchdown in his home state. ends up 17-0. they upset the giants 23-10. >> i don't really care about the giants at all. i care about our team and being out there and winning a divisional game. you execute and you win. that is plenty of gratification. the washington wizards have spent this short preseason without shooting guard nick young. the restricted free agent is on his way to washington to sign a
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qualifying offer were $3.7 million. now to the hardwood. tony bennett and uva starting a two game west coast trip on ogawa. -- on oregon. that is going to do it for your morning sports. have a great monday. this is monika santani in the traffic center. ical voyager tonight at cherry hill road it remains blocked with police on the scene. it may be blocked for awhile. use fair lawn road instead. coming up, my next report a look around maryland at 6:30. you are watching 9news now. stay with us.
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we are become. boy, you need an extra coat and maybe some 180 type earmuffs it keep you warm. a live look 31 degrees this morning. it is a little bit frosty. at 6:30, we thank you for
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starting your day. i'm mike hydeck. our meteorologist extraordinary is outside all bundled up. >> frosty out here. temperatures in the 20s and 30s in town by the way. a little bit of a breeze. that is the case breezy at times. we'll warm up nicely as we see temperatures shoot in the low 50s. by 5:00 is 49. mostly sunny through midday. indiana and kentucky and illinois. that is the head of a front that is going to slip through tonight and a storm system in the southwest. steadier rains and milder temperatures as we head through the day on wednesday. 31 in washington. we were high around 50. let's go inside to monika.
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we have been talking about there accident inical voyagerton. good morning, everybody. southbound onical voyagerton boulevard at cherry little road. a two car accident and pedestrian struck. watch out for the police activity there west of i-95. 95 inical voyagerton looks fine. we are going to take a live look at route 50 at the beltway. no problems to report through carrollton. we are looking fine on 66. you have your slow traffic in centerville. no problems to report on the dulles toll road. but out in lowdon county, watch out for the accident belmont ridge road. we'll take a last live look if you are planning to head to the american allegiance look. through tyson's corner, bethesda. i'll keep you posted on both those situations.
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andrea and mike? the court marshall for army intelligence bradley manning resumes later at fort mead. he is accused of carrying out one of the biggest leaks of classified u.s. documents in history. the charges could put the 24-year-old in prison for the rest of his life. >> reporter: good morning. the military tribunal didn't break for the weekend. in fact the hearings didn't continue for bradley manning. he has been held since may. his proceedings continue this morning. there will be closed sessions throughout. here's what his attorney said last week in front of the judge. why are we here a year photograph late officer why is this stuff classified? why is it going to cause harm? manning is charged with stealing hundreds of thousands of
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classified documents and video and giving them to wikileaks. testimony revealed manning as a highly skilled analystss. in court yesterday witnesses say it was at a base in iraq where manning was deployed to analyze data where the alleged crimes happened. it will be a day for proceedings in this military hearing which will determine if manning will be court martial. on saturday manning turned 24. he faces life in prison. back to you mike, andrea. surae chinn for the first time in nearly nine years there are no u.s. combat troops in iraq. >> . the last of the fighting forces left early sunday morning and crossed the border into kuwait. using the dark to slip out the vehicles drove across the iraqi desert. the war took both a human and financial toll. nearly 4500 americans and more
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than 100,000 iraqis died. around 300 soldiers returned home to fredericksburg sunday. family and friends were there. they had served in iraq. during their deployment they drove more than 50,000 miles. the soldiers returned after having encountered over 22 enemy attacks. mrs. obama carried a huge red bag of toys if a meeting with marines and their families friday at the joint base bowling. the toys will be distributed to children in the washington area. >> this year is like no other. the demand increases even as
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giving increases. there are more on and more families that need support and help. so anybody who is watching this, any of our press who are writing about this, is still important to nudge our neighbors to say gfk give. >> while sorting toys for the event mrs. obama also got a special invitation to escort a local soldier to next year's marine corps ball. lance corporal frederick lakes asked. she said she would love to go but said she would need to check with her husband first. at 6:36. jessica doyle looking very lovely this morning with another your money report. looking at investments. >> that's right. that day could be very
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complicated, i would imagine. this time of year the statements start arriving in the mail, giving you a sense of how your portfolio is handled. investment companies or not. as for 2011 chances our stock funds are probably not doing all that well. our partners at usa today caught up with folks the average diversified stock mutual fund has fallen 5.9% this year. 92% of all u.s. stock funds are showing a loss right now. thanks for the european crisis, the average large company international funds have plunged 15.5%. as the overall economy is starting to show signs of a recovery, many of the nation's nonprofits are dig not guilty for three or four years of financial trouble.
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larger nonprofits are seeing donations starting to rise again. most report their income is holding steady at lower post recession levels and still going down. remains to be seen if we have any chance at all for a white christmas. probably not. but you can have one on your computer. head to google's home page and type in let it know. you can use your mouse like an ice scraper or hit the defrost button that appears there. warmer than being outside. i like how you think. stay with us.
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merry christmas to all of our family and friends in northern virginia from the donaldsons in germany. merry christmas [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
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in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum...
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we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
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good morning welcome back to 9news. howard is here raring to tell you about the forecast. scaper alert. today is a frosty start. you won't need scrapers after today. wednesday look like a wet day around here by the afternoon and evening hours. a big storm system pounding the southwestern u.s., the ski
6:44 am
areas did open up over the weekend. let's get going with the bus stop forecast. sun not up still for another half hour. sets at 44:00. we are starting with temperatures in the 20s and low 30s. breezy too. winds south southwest. you'll notice a difference over yesterday. today highs around 51 with an 8:00 p.m. temperature. into the middle 40s. our temperatures are running in the 20s for most of us. culpepper is the cold spot. 31. our friends in easton this morning at 28 degrees. feels like 26 though thanks to a light south southeast wind.
6:45 am
the do dew point into the mid-20s. a sliver of clouds coming off the mountains. the ridge tops are lifting they are just enough to form some clouds there in northern virginia. sneaking interest southern maryland. it is going to increase later today and tonight. some of the showers will make it here into the day on tuesday. here's our futurecast. good shape here midday. showers from pittsburgh back to the west across southern ohio. tuesday morning, notice the green. these are rain showers here. maybe a wintry mix in the higher elevations. a few showers through midday tuesday. tuesday afternoon quieter weather. spotty showers here and there.
6:46 am
look at the moisture moving toward us. wednesday afternoon turns rather wet and mild. temperatures could be pushing the 60-degree mark. high temperatures today in the 40s, only in garrett county. everybody else in the 50s. in fact mid-50s we are going to top out right around 51 degrees. to the 51, increasing showers. cooler tomorrow, 45 to 50 but milder wednesday. we may start dry wednesday, but wednesday turns wet. winter officially begins thursday morning at 12:30. early sunday before the system
6:47 am
pulls in. just possibly a little bit of snow on christmas morning. even the rain doesn't bother me because of the temperature. >> reporter: the inner loop of the beltway north of i 66 near the dulles toll road. an accident on the left said of the roadway. look how traffic is so slow already. northbound 495 heading toward the dulles toll road, this is what the beltway looks like. 66 inbound as you travel in from nutley street you are going to hit that back-up. you can see the brake lights here beginning to form. let's take you over to the northbound side of 95 and 395. overall delays, dale city and into aspen reinsurance field and then again up to seminary road and across the 14th street bridge. i'll update you on that
6:48 am
accident on the inner loop once again at 6:58. andrea and mike? >> hundreds of families lined up to take home a little christmas cheer. >> 5200 families signed up to receive toys as part of the annual toys for tots drive. >> last year we serviced 2500 family. if anyone wants to bring toys, they can come to headquarters. if you would like to help it is not too late. toys for tots donations will be accepted at the social services department in land over maryland. a number of us will gain roughly eight pounds during holiday season by doing this. dave testing while cooking. stressing out? or drinking more alcohol? >> facebook friend diana said
6:49 am
drinking more alcohol because you are stressing about gaining weight from all the taste testing while you are cooking. the answer is a, taste testing while you are cooking. why am i gaining weight? >> because you are eating flars p
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beautiful sky out there this morning here at 6:59. temperatures in the 20s. 21 in manassas to 31 here in washington. lots of 20s a frosty start. sunshine today. midday temperatures in the mid-40s with a high in the low 50s and a drive home temp of 49. showers into wednesday. 7-day coming up, right now back
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to mike. to the news, police are asking for your help. trying to identify a man that was struck and killed this weekend. the victim is hispanic, between 35 and 50. he was hit by a car and then by an suv. the family of a man shot and killed in land over, maryland is disputing the police account of what happened. officers say they opened fire on 31-year-old robert edwards when he planned a gun at them. a court martial recalls later for bradley manning. he is accused of leaking classified u.s. military documents. the charges could land him in prison for the rest of his life. must ahead what is next for north korea and the
6:54 am
controversial nuclear weapons program? the former un ambassador bill richardson has made several trips. tim tebow mania still going strong. we'll look at america's obsession with tebow. mike and andrea, i hope you can join us. we'll have one more check of weather and traffic when 9news now returns.
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one more thing before we go. here is a look at oh, i don't
6:58 am
know, 100 santa clauss. the idea is for everybody to have a good time in the spirit of the holidays. the only rule is to dress festive and as you can see, plenty of people did that. >> my girlfriend thought it was a great idea. we thought dress up. the firstier in buffalo, we wanted to check it out and hopefully this builds into a good thing every singal year. >> it started in san francisco back in 1994, but is now held in more than 200 cities across the country. why do they always call it con? convention, santa con. beautiful day right now, temperatures in the low 50s. tomorrow showers here and
6:59 am
there. and temperatures in the up per 40s. we turn wet on wednesday and mild highs near 60. >> on the inner loop of the beltway, here's a look from sky 9. it is an overturned vehicle on the inner loop near the dulles toll road. 66 is jammed from nutley street to get onto the inner loop. i bet that will slow down because of all the traffic heading southbound and looking over as well. jessica? >> we are looking at a nicer morning on wall street. hoping for better things after last week. >> "the early show" is next. of course they'll have more reaction to the death of north korean leader kim jong il no howard and i will be back with in update on traffic and weather. see you right back here tomorrow morning. have a great day, everybody.


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